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Alio Die | Parallel Worlds «Circo Divino» (Hic Sunt Leones, 2010)

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That's what happens when two interesting and original music project colloborate together. «Circo Divino» became the first collaborative effort Alio Die and Parallel Worlds. Absorbed in my opinion, the best of both parties, this album had unique in its kind sound. Acoustic experiments of Alio Die literally melted together with the modular synthesis of Parallel Worlds, add to this the insinuating voice of India Czajkowska and at least you get a pleasant listening experience. «Circo Divino» seems to me to travel to distant lands, a bit surreal and I would say even fabulous. A mixture of ethnic ambient, technogenic landscapes and vocals give the album a fresh colorful sound. Before my eyes and float the endless landscapes of these nonexistent, but nevertheless beautiful places. Sound also has some indescribable depth, and the more you listen, the more you are drawn into this depth, more and more. And believe me to get out of this embrace of magic doesn't want to. Music is a kind of boundary condition: it is minimalist and exciting, full of mysterious darkness and light simultaneously. Such is the concept antogonistic gave, in my opinion, not only the original sound, but also the unique emotional color.

The most enjoyable for me was the fact that experimentation doesn't struggle with the melody, not suppress it, but complements. I would note the remarkable design of the artist Romani Sanchez . In my collection his artwork is one of the most beautiful works together with the artworks of Jeroen Advocaat (known for his artwork for Sending Orbs). Although I'm not a big fan of ambient-oriented music, but «Circo Divino» became one of my favourites in this genre along with such albums as «Atlas Dei» by Robert Rich, «Night Falls» by Hecq and «Solitare» of David Moufang.

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