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«Sound maniac». Interview with Mobthrow

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Hello, Angelos, very glad that you agreed to this brief interview. Please tell us a little about yourself.

My pleasure. I am a professional sound designer and mastering engineer, I currently live in Berlin working for native instruments and compose electronic bass music under the alias Mobthrow.

How for a long time there is project Mobthrow? How it all began? And what is mean your alias?

Mobthrow was born back in 2007. It is just a misspelled name of my fiction. Mobthrow is the name and expression for my dark side. The Mr. Hyde of me.

What's your musical background?

I used to play the guitar with a progressive death metal band. I turned into drum programming, as I couldn't find an original drummer with imagination. That was my first contact with electronic software. I always liked to experiment with strange sounds and techniques. The possibilities of electronic synthesis opened a new horizon to me.

I think your music production is great, it's on very high level. Especially I like your amazing bass line. How you have reached such sounding?

I am a sound junkie and I spend a lot of hours producing. The bass for example is 3 or 4 layers of bass blend together and run through a guitar stack, to create the typical mobthrow bass. My sound is based in dynamics like the sound of a band for example, rather than ultimate hard compressed processing and looping. Dynamics and frequency manipulation adds a different «gravity» to the sound, creating stronger emotion to the listener. You can clearly experience it, especially when you use a large PA system. There is a huge audible difference, the listener can literally feel the frequencies with his body.

Tell us a little about the technical side of your creativity. What soft- hardware are you using?

I try to stay updated on music movements and technology. Basically I use Metric Halo modular processors and a wide variety of software and programs like metasynth, reactor and other. I like to sample my own sounds and acoustic instruments. It is more original that way.

Your first self-titled LP was powerful and solid. Mobthrow literally burst onto the scene. Tell us about the album. How long have you worked on it?

It was a concept album about a post apocalyptic world and it's survivors. The project took almost 12 months. I think of it as a scifi movie. Every track was like a scene of this scorched world in my fiction. For example «Rainwolf» was the story of the last survived wolf in this scenery. «Iron tribal» a post-primitive tribe, starting from zero in this world of rusty irons. «Alone in the ruins» a lonely survivor man watching the sunset in a mountain cliff, hoping for a better tomorrow.

What are you working at this moment?

My last work was «Pitch black» 12'' Ep featuring Hecq, which will be already released by now. Currently I work on a second mobthrow album for 2012, as well as experimenting on a new band project with a close friend of mine.

As far as I know you and John Valasis (Poordream) are have your own mastering studio 4be. What your a competitive advantage over other studios such as Metarc?

«4be sound» is following a different direction into mastering, than the average studios. «4be» studio offers «dynamic mastering». That is techniques based in dynamics & frequencies rather than the typical ultra compressed mastering. The record is treated dynamically to be loud and punchy, while adding more dynamics and bounce in it. This treatment can make a record or track distinct and always has a big impact to the listener at home or the club. That would be the biggest advantage I think, together with the fact that «4be» is budget friendly.

You and Kostas Subheim for a while has been linked with Spectraliquid. What experience have you received from it?

Spectraliquid was a great platform to connect with people and musicians, as well as a driving force to express our own music endeavors and vision. A reincarnation of Spectraliquid in totally different aspect and basis, is not something impossible, as I think of it now. In fact it is rather imminent in a way.

What would be for you top of your musical career?

I guess a big collaboration, forming a band with Amon Tobin, Thom Yorke & Danny Carey (Tool's drummer) or something like that.

Finally may be you have any special wish to your listeners?

Yes! Please don't compromise with low quality formats, such as mp3 for your ears. Firstly, you are missing a lot of magic of the track. Secondly you are not supporting your favorite independent artists and labels in that way. Your favorite artist quits making music and independent labels & culture extinct.

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