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Dirk Geiger in Russia

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Dirk Geiger

Tell us why you decided to organize a festival dedicated to the tenth anniversary of Raumklang Music in Russia?

First of all it was the idea of my friend Sandy who runs Kirti Promo. He wanted to do that because he likes the Raumklang Music acts and the music. He asked me what i think about it and i was thrilled with the idea. Russian audience is very open minded and warm. So i'm sure it will be a great party with them.

For the last two-three years the label made powerful breakthrough. Your releases began to appear frequently in the reviews of various webzines. How do you think what it is the reason?

First of all i think it was the moment when i decided to change the musical orientation of Raumklang Music to idm because that was what my heart wants. Since this time i am totaly focused to Raumklang Music. I know a lot of people in the scene and the networking began to bear fruit. I have good contacts to the other big label heads and to a lot of webzines now. And so Raumklang Music was grown up step by step.

I know that you with Kostas Subheim was in Russia last year in Moscow. How about to perform in other cities? What conditions are needed for this?

Yes that's true. I played a concert in Moscow and one in Ekaterinburg with him. It was a fantastic trip with a lot of impressions for us. Of course i would like to perform in other cities too but most of the time it's to expensice for the promoters because there is the flight, accomodation and the money for the gig. I won't get rich with that music i make and that's not what i want but it should already be worth a bit, because I also invest a lot of my time and money for my music and my label.

10 years a considerable time for the label. How do you continue to release music when CDs as carriers disappear under the pressure of the Internet?

I take both ways. Of course digital distribution is getting more and more important in this times but i am sure that a CD is much more like the digital version of an album. You can feel it you can hold it in your hands and you can collect it. It's not only release number 56832...on your harddrive. That's the reason why i sell CDs without problems in such internet dominated times too.

«2009 a new chapter in the history of the publishing house was written. They turn their chief focus now on idm, industrial and electronica.» What motivated you to take this step? Why did you decide to focus on these directions?

It came out of me automatically. Before this time Raumklang Music haven't had a real focus. There was releases from Ambient to Lounge and EBM. I felt not happy anymore with such a wide range of styles. So i focused to the music i really love.

Tell us about your new album «Elf Morgen». Is there any background for it? What inspire you to create it? Will we hear tracks from «Elf Morgen» on your gig at the festival?

First...Yes you will hear tracks of the album at my live gig for sure :-). The background is the following: «Morgen» is an old German square measure. The village where I live corresponds to the area of “Elf Morgen”. There are 11 tracks on the album, 11 different moments in which the tracks were born and 11 different feelings.

What hardware setup do you use on your gigs usually?

I just use my laptop and my midicontroller. No other hardware. From time to time some old analogue equiptment like an old radio or old walkmans with field recordings. But most of the times just the laptop and the midikeyboard.

Do you plan to celebrate next anniversary in Russia or places will be different every time?

I diden't thought about that, because there are some years to go but why not. Russia is great :-)

Thank you for the answers. Now you can say something to people who will go on this great party.

I would love to have a great party with lots of people who love idm music, talk to them and get inspirations and new contacts. So come to Club Bilingua at 09 June and say hello. Thanks for this nice interview.

  • Andrey Ibraev

    Дирк, отличный музыкант. Ждем повторения прошлогоднего ивента в Екатеринбурге в паре с Костасом (Subheim).

  • Eugene

    отличное интервью! очень рад, что лейбл Дирка Гейгера набирает популярность в последнее время. тимпанику стоит поволноваться )))

    • Quarck

      Тимпанику уже давно следует волноваться, но не из-за Raumklang Music.