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Interview with Arovane

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Hello, Uve. Thank you for your agreement to give the interview. You haven't been noticed on the musical stage for a 9 years. Can you tell us. what you've been doing for all this time?
I spent my time traveling on my motorbike to visit the south of france and traveling trough parts of germany. From time to time i switched on my maschines in the studio for producing tracks or programming sounds.

EP «Cycliph» was reisuued on label n5md. Tell me please, what have you changed in it? And why did you choose exactly this record to be reissued?
It is the original material released on DIN records, remastered for the re-release on n5MD with a rare bonus track 'd II sabl' that was originally featured on the «Across The Cell Wall» from jake mandell's kodama imprint as an untitled work. EP «Cycliph» is a perfect alignment to the new album, in my opinion.

One more question about your past works. One of your albums was written under the impression after visiting France, another — after visiting Japan. How do you think. what other places can inspire you on another music?
I like to travel and i think any place on the world can be an inspiration. i'm inspired by listening to sounds, noises, field recordings or synthesized sounds as well. Thinking sounds.

It is announced on web-site of label n5md that this autumn your new album «Ve Palor» is coming. To my mind. your returning is one of the most significant events in the world of electronic music in 2013. Tell us please about your new album. Whether it will be absolutely new material or we have a chance to listen to composions which, for example, were unpublished in the past?
The album will contain tracks i made in the last years. It is a mix of new material and tracks i made a few years ago.

What format will «Ve Palor» be issued? And by the way, how do you feel about the fact that music on physical media is practically displaced by digital one?
«Ve palor» will be released as digital download, mp3 and flac. We are thinking about a physical release as well. I love vinyl. For me, as a musician it is not important what media i'm recording on. Cdr, hard disk, analog four track, i don't care. The concept behind is important. For the listener, the consumer other aspects are counting.

What will be your new album — splash of thoughts and emotions for the last 9 years or a new stage of development of Arovane?
The music is going parallel with my progression, in musical ways and personal references. It is a kind of natural progression with manifold influences. I had a lot of experiences the past years, developing my style of music, tried new hardware in my studio, worked with different synthesis methods, read about music theory, listened to all kinds of music. The tracks are, let's say a kind of 'timeline' in the musical development.

I saw the joint picture of you and Ulrich Schnauss on Facebook. One of the users commented: «It seems like these guys are intending something». Can you say anything about it? Will you two have corporate project?
Ulrich Schnauss + Arovane = music. We are intending something, of course. We had a few studio sessions, improvising tracks and sounds. The work with Ulrich is highly inspirational for me. We are thinking about, to release music in the future, yes.

What music do you prefer to listen to in your free time? What styles, performers?
I'm listening to all kinds of music. From gamelan music to minimal music over noise music, electroacoustic music, computer generated music, jazz, classic, pop, contemporary music, field recordings... At the moment i'm listening to Bernard Parmegiani, the Bill Evans Trio, Francisco Lopez, John Waterman, John Coltrane, Main, Milt Jackson, Markus Suckut, Morton Subtonick, Severed Heads, Morton Feldman…

I've read in one interview that your second passion (besides music) is motorcycle. Tell me please about it. Do you collect motorcycles? Or may be you like to upgrade them? Or do you just like to ride them?
I own a supermoto motorbike. It is light, fast and powerful. The sound is fantastic and it is pure fun to take a ride on it. Technical wise i'm not that versed. I love to take a ride on a warm, sunny morning through the landscape of brandenburg. A friend of mine is technician, he is doing the maintenance for the motorbike.

Do you listen to music while driving the motorcycle? If yes, please tell what music do you like to listen to while driving?
It is too dangerous to listen to music during motorcycling and on the same side it is too loud! The single cylinder sound is very powerful.

What book or movie have been affected on you recently?
Сurrently i'm reading books of Stanislaw Lem and Max Goldt. I bought a dvd box of the Avengers (Mit Schirm, Charm und Melone is the german title) which is childhood memory. As a young boy, i love to watch the episodes of this elegant agent duo.

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